On-demand legal services, at a fixed monthly price

Hire an Experienced Outside Counsel for your Startup success. We advise on incorporation, business law, seed rounds, investment agreements, technology protection, stock options, M&A and exit strategies.

Startup Legal Audit Plan & Checklist

Ensure legal, tax and other statutory compliance for your startup and SME business. We provide comprehensive Startup and Corporate Legal Audit checklist and plan. 

Discuss your business requirements over a phone call, or face-to-face meeting.
Share details required for the assigned tasks along with the time for completion.
Our team will share the work reports end of each day for review and corrections.

Startup Legal Services in India – Get Free Legal Audit

Outsourced Startup Counsel: 360-degree Legal & Tax Compliance Support to Start-ups and Businesses!

  • Providing opinions and advisory in matters connected to Company Law, SEBI and related Corporate Law
  • Draft, review, and execute international and domestic Contracts
  • Maintain and track contracts for termination and renewal
  • Draft sale deed, lease deed, supply agreements, non-disclosure agreements, quality agreements, etc.
  • Draft legal notices and demand letters
  • Track trademark and intellectual property agreements such as filing, opposition counter statement, evidence, etc.
  • Perform detailed legal due diligence for your startup
  • NBFC consultancy and advisory
  • Handling litigation & liaisoning matters
  • Assists technology startups with business incorporation
  • Create a shareholding structure for your startup
  • Help with bringing new investors for initial seed rounds
  • Build and develop a solid and proven IP protection strategy
  • Draft, Assess and Suggest improvements to the SaaS subscription agreements
  • Represent your startups for funding from VC firms, seed funds, and HNIs and negotiate the terms of the deal.

Legal Services.

We offer a plethora of legal services that are customized to suit your needs.

Global Compliance

Cross-Border Tax Advisory

Contract Management

Due Diligence

Startup Valuation

Exit Management

Pricing & Packages

We are fully aware that legal work fluctuates, therefore we are very flexible and not calculative so long as the total number per month does not excessively exceed this cap.

Counsel On-Demand
Rs.25,000/per quarter
  • IP Audit
  • Brand Clearance Check
  • 2 document review, amending
  • Quarterly Legal Check-up
  • Email consultations
  • Phone consultations
  • Up to 1 hour of on-site meeting
  • Lawyer's working hours - 6 hours
  • Additional hour - Rs.5000/-
  • Process support discount: 5%
Part-time Counsel
Rs.45000/ per quarter
  • IP Audit
  • Brand Clearance Check
  • 5 document review, amending
  • 2 free document drafting
  • Email consultations
  • Phone consultations
  • Up to 3 hours of on-site meeting
  • Lawyer's working hours - 12 hours
  • Additional hour - Rs.3000/-
  • Process support discount: 10%
Dedicated Outside Counsel
Rs.85000/per quarter
  • IP Audit
  • Brand Clearance Check
  • 10 document review/amending
  • 5 free document drafting
  • Email consultations
  • Phone consultations
  • Up to 6 hours of the on-site meeting
  • Lawyer's working hours - 24 hours
  • Additional hour - Rs.2000/-
  • Process support discount: 15%


By having one of the Packages we offer, you gain:

  • legal service tailored to your needs,
    constant access to legal consultations and legal assistance,
  • the possibility of telephone, internet and lawyer participation in important meetings for you,
  • clear rules for settlements of legal services,
    attractive rates for lawyer’s hour of work, lower than the rates offered by typical law firms,
  • discounts on process support and legal training conducted by our Law Office,
    the possibility of adapting the training to your individual needs,
  • 2 months free if paid yearly

Frequently Asked Questions.


We have compiled a list of question and answers regarding engaging General and Corporate Counsel.

Legal for Startup Package

  • Preparation of business formation documents
  • Drafting and execution of initial By-Laws and Corporate Resolutions
  • Approval of issuance of founder’s stock and stock option grants to founders
  • Drafting and execution of shareholder agreements
  • Non-Disclosure Agreement
  • Employee Offer Letter
  • Independent Contractor Agreement
  • Assignment of Intellectual Property Agreement
  • Legal advice to customize agreements.

Additional Legal Services for a fixed-fee

  • Developing legal forms and legal processes
  • Copyright, Trademark, Patent and Trade Secret protection, to protect your technology, inventions and competitive advantage
  • Stock-Option Plans and Stock Compensation Agreements
  • Drafting, review and negotiation of vendor contracts, sales contracts and other commercial agreements.
  • Angel round financing and initial capitalization of startups
  • Investment agreements
  • Employee policies, handbooks and training
  • M&A and exit strategies

Startup Business Advice Services

  • Vetting of Business Model
  • Negotiating with Partner Restructuring
  • Drafting agreements including shareholder’s agreements, founder’s agreements, franchising agreements, etc.
  • Structuring mergers and taxes.

Startup Contract Disputes

  • Potential Breach of contract
  • Employment contracts
  • Conflicts between business partners,
  • Minority v. majority shareholders
  • Landlord-tenant disputes

Employment Engagement

  • Drafting, reviewing or enforcing your employment contracts
  • Retrenchment
  • Employment Act
  • Visas for foreign workers

FinTech Legal Advisory

  • Fintech regulation
  • Regulatory sandbox
  • Anti-money laundering
  • Acquiring necessary licenses
  • Business model – Vetting & Advice
  • FinTech Business Compliance

IP, Patents & Trademarks

  • Filing for and protecting intellectual property assets such as logos, products, inventions and trade secrets
  • Enforcing intellectual property, copyright law, registered designs, trademarks, non-disclosure agreements (NDA), etc.

Civil Law

  • cases for damages and compensation (in the event of a traffic accident, accident at work, medical error, fire, flood and other damage to property)
  • matters regarding civil law contracts
  • services related to the legal servicing of the performance of construction contracts
  • claims from consumer contracts (withdrawal from the contract, price reduction, warranty, warranty)
  • real estate affairs (acquisitive prescription, the abolition of joint ownership, land, personal and transmission easements, property protection and protection of possession)
  • debt collection,
  • representation as part of enforcement proceedings
  • bankruptcy matters
  • land and mortgage issues

Company Law

  • registration proceedings,
  • preparing and reviewing agreements, resolutions, ordinances and minutes of meetings of company bodies, associations and foundations,
  • preparation of legal opinions.