Legal Advisory

Startup Consulting

  • Idea Validation

ESOP Management

  • Structuring the ESOP offering
  • Drafting the Employee Stock Option Policy
  • Formats of grant letter and exercise notices
  • Drafting of corporate resolutions
  • Statutory filings under Companies Act, 2013
  • Assisting with granting of options
  • Intimation of vesting to employees
  • Assisting with the exercise of options
  • Assisting with appropriate steps upon cessation of employment
  • Resolutions and statutory filings under the Companies Act, 2013

Fundraising – Angel Investment / Venture Capital

IT Consulting

Secretarial Support

Technology, Blockchain and Cryptocurrency

Mergers & Acquisitions

Capital Markets

Securities Law

Legal Health Check

Contracts & Agreements

  • Contract Manufacturing/White Labelling
  • R&D Agreement
  • Licensing Agreement
  • Vendor/Supplier Agreement
  • Intellectual Property Assignment Agreement
  • Distributor Agreement
  • Draft Invoice with Terms of Sale
  • Terms of Service
  • Privacy Policy
  • End-user License Agreement
  • IT Policy